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Characteristics of offset printing machine and offset press

offset printing pressA kind of circle pressure round presses. Photo transfer printing machine for printing on substrates through plastic Pibu transfer roller in accordance with the principle of indirect printing plate. The the automatic plane sheetfed offset presses and web speed rotary offset press; Press Printing color, monochrome, two-color machine, four-color machine, can be divided into six color printing conditions and basic printing method can be divided into machine and eight-color machine; printing paper can be divided into four boot to boot, souvenir sheets machine and queen Zhang machine and so on. Rotary printing press and other difference is that a different type of printing plate, the blanket cylinder and the wetting means. Offset products are generally copied artwork
People-oriented modern offset press designed to pursue the objectives of and essential purpose, press only achieve human unity to the machine to play the greatest performance. With the the printing market competition intensifies, offset press printing speed faster and faster, large format offset press has reached to 13000-15500 impressions per hour, the medium-format per hour up to 18,000 impressions, small format per hour 15000 impressions.
Most offset press manufacturers have state-of-the-art, high-sensitivity sensor technology introduced into the high-speed operation of the mechanical parts, such as infrared, ultrasonic, as a protective barrier, when the The the tune machine operator, finishing and cleaning work, once the limb accidentally enter the field of operation of the machine, the sensor signals, with the head and mouth, the machine will stall, avoid personal injury. Small operating space, high operating skills requirements, difficult, and operating frequency, intensity occasions and more improvement is the the electromechanical automatic operation, the complete elimination of the security risks in the operation. Plate, rubber and the platen roller Jane cleaning, maintenance, and the past are manual, which has been adopted mechanized operations, and if on the version of the tune version of the rules, swing and the closing roller Anti-rub dirty support wheel adjustment teeth have been achieved fully automatic or semi-automatic.
The Weifang Fushida Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. was established since always adhere to the technology developed for the pilot to the folding machine, hybrid folding machine and offset press market demand as the goal, the company has advanced folding machine and offset press processing equipment and perfect detection means, the marketing network across the country production services for the purpose of protection of national service hotline 0536 -8,670,823

Weifang the Fujitec Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. Main: folding machine, offset press, the company has advanced folding machines, processing equipment and perfect detection means, the marketing network throughout the country, Tel :0536 -8670823

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